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Located on South Congress, just 2 miles south of downtown Austin, we are by definition an urban garden center. However, with 2 acres of majestic Oak Trees, a serene waterfall, a gigantic wind chime, and a tropical greenhouse The Great Outdoors is a bucolic destination garden center. We carry a wide selection of native and adapted plants suitable for Central Texas gardens. Our inventory includes seasonal vegetables, perennials, cacti and succulent, indoor plants, palm trees shrubs, water plants, vines, roses, fruit trees, and more.

But, we aren’t just about plants here at The Great Outdoors. We are a full-scale garden center.

Our Rooms

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The Orchid Room

is filled with beautiful orchids, Tillandsias (Air Plants), terrarium bowls domes, handcrafted pre-potted terrariums and the components you need to create your own terrariums.


The Gift Shop

features a wide assortment of wind chimes from Music of The Spheres, contemporary rain gauges, cards, classic bird feeders, handmade pottery, garden inspired art, a wide selection of garden inspired books (everything from beautiful coffee table books to how-to guides).

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The Tropical Greenhouse

includes 3,000 sq ft. of both common and rare indoor plants.


The Tool and Seed Room

is stocked with the most tried and true brands of tools and growing accessories (everything from Felco pruners to drip irrigation systems) as well as full line of seasonal seeds (including vegetables, wild flowers and more).

Departments & Nursery features


Water Features/Fountains ‣

Water features (both big and small) are a great way to add a multi-sensory experience to any garden through their melodic sounds and the hypnotic dance of droplets. Throughout the garden center we feature turn-key water features that range from the most basic table top sizes to the elaborate multi-tiered classical fountains.

See the guide to basic fountain care and maintenance below.


Plant Health & Soils ‣

Our Greenshed is stocked with natural and organic pesticides and fertilizers, plant health products, plant support, soil amendments, watering tools and more. We also brew our own Compost Tea, Uncle Merr’s Microbial Moonshine every weekend. Our Greenshed is a one-stop shop for all your plant health needs.

The best gardeners know that the key to a great garden is the soil. That is why we created “The Great Outdoors Famous” line of soil and compost. The Great Outdoors Famous Compost incorporates organic dairy cow manure, green manure, and composted hardwoods. Rich in sulfur and iron, it...


Garden Decor & Furniture ‣

Whether you are looking to keep your garden weird with a whimsical cat statue or complete your Zen garden, we carry an extensive line of garden décor, art and furniture. While our inventory is ever changing, expect to find everything from handmade metal art (with a musical flare) to traditional concrete statues to modern outdoor furniture. Additionally, we carry a wide selection of the meticulously hand-crafted Music of the Sphere’s Wind Chimes.


Pottery & Containers ‣

From contemporary lightweight pottery to brightly glazed water pots to traditional terracotta to galvanized steel troughs, we have a unique and extraordinary pottery selection. Whether you’re installing the last décor element to a downtown condo, outfitting a spacious deck, setting up an herb garden or adding accent to a native garden, you will find the perfect pot or container for your space. No one can top our selection or prices.