The Best Onions for Austin

Texas Legend

Think 1015Y Texas Super Sweet ONLY BETTER!

Yellow globe, sweet,

open pollinated

Size Potential: Up to 6″

Storage Potential: 3 months

Days to Harvest: 105

Specifically bred for more health benefits than its parent variety, the original 1015Y Texas Super Sweet, the Texas Legend is still as mild and sweet! The Texas Legend actually contains 25 active compounds that inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, help combat heart disease, and stimulate the immune system. It is also antibacterial and anti-fungal, to help ward off colds and relieve upset stomachs and other gastrointestinal disorders. The Texas Legend matures 10 to 14 days earlier than the 1015Y Texas Super Sweet and it is ideally suited for growing in the short day region. This one gives you a nice, globe-shaped, sweet, yellow onion that is open pollinated (meaning they are pollinated by wind, insects, or animals). In the correct growing conditions, you should expect yields of 6″ onions, around 105 days after planting.

1015Y Texas Super Sweet

The most famous Texas onion is also one of the sweetest!

Yellow globe, sweet,

open pollinated

Size Potential: Up to 6″

Storage Potential: 2 to 3 months

Days to Harvest: 115

The most famous Texas onion is also one of the sweetest! It’s called the 1015Y in honor of the ideal date to plant the seed (Oct 15th), and Y stands for yellow. Whether you are a novice or beginner, the Texas Super Sweet is the perfect onion to add to your garden. They have an off-white flesh and are very sweet and flavorful, excellent for salads, slices, grilling, and cooking. Known for its great flavor, large size, disease resistance, and very little pyruvate (which is that substance in onions that makes you cry like a baby when you are cutting them up). Under the correct growing conditions you should produce good yields of 6″, sweet, yellow onions.

Southern Belle Red

This is the sweetest red onion available for our area. It has more disease and bolting resistance than most.

Red globe, sweet, hybrid

Size Potential: 4″

Storage Potential: 2 months

Days to Harvest: 110

Blushing deep red throughout, the Southern Belle is beautiful and delicious. Relish the sweet flavor and intense color of these delightful, ruby red bulbs on top of salads or to garnish any meal. Better uniformity, more disease and bolt resistance, and larger size potential than any other short day red variety. Let them cure properly to have exceptionally red rings that look great on salads. Due to their higher concentration of quercetins, red onions are also very healthy. Quercetin is a flavonoid- an antioxidant compound that helps delay or slow damage to cells and tissue of the body. Recent studies on its health effects suggest that quercetin may help fight diseases and disorders such as cataracts, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. Southern Belle is a great choice for your health and your appetite.