Success with Succulents

6 Tips for Success with Succulents

1. Give them room to breathe

Many succulents do well inside like Aloe Vera, Crassula (Jade) and Kalanchoe, but most actually come from warm, dry climates with good air flow (wind). They need that air movement to do their best, so terrariums are not the best choice as a container, but placing them outdoors during the warmer months can be ideal.

2. Provide some shade

Though many people think that all succulents love hot sun and high temps, most will do better with protection from the hot sun, especially when temps get above 90F, or if they are in a small pot. Some types could even get sun burned. If youre planting in a hot, sunny spot, look for plants that are red, grey or blue, or that are covered in spines to reflect the suns rays or find native species that can take the hot Texas Heat.

3. The right soil is important

Plant in a fast-draining cactus & succulent potting soil. Or add perlite, lava sand and/or expanded shale to your regular potting soil to create better drainage.

4. Low-water isnt no-water

It is far more common for people to over-water than under water cactus and succulents, causing root rot. But dont go to the opposite extreme and overly dehydrate your plants, they actually need some water. The key is to let the soil dry out before watering again. Depending on the temperature and if they are getting rain, you should check your plants once or twice a week. Many cactus and succulents like to be especially dry in the winter.

5. Include drainage

Too much water in a pot with no drainage can be deadly for cactus & succulents. Though you can grow them in a pot with no drainage, you must be diligent about not giving them too much water and tipping them over for a few minutes to drain out any excess.

6. Succulents get hungry, too.

The key is using half-strength fertilizer in your water for one watering a year, preferably at the beginning of the plants growing season.

Now you’re ready to go grow some kick-ass succulents!