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While we know the importance of starting a garden with a well-designed plan, we also value the Do-it-Yourself mind set. With this in mind, we offer three design services (Garden Coach, Plan and Plant, and Off-Site Consultations), delivery, and special orders to help you achieve a great garden.

Design Services

Our Plan and Plant Design Service is a cost effective way to design your landscape. It is a team approach, where you fill out a questionnaire and take some pictures and then we meet with you to get your design made with all your goals in mind.

Additional Services

Special Order Requests

Note: Because of the unprecedented demand and supply shortages, we are temporarily unable to offer special requests.


While we pride ourselves on our creative car loading skills (25 bags of compost in a Subaru? Not a problem.), a 25 foot palm tree just won’t fit in your Mini Cooper. In these situations, we offer a delivery service. Pricing varies on location, number of people required and the type of delivery.

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