Planting a Native Austin Lawn

Have you ever used Habiturf Native Lawn Mix? Its soft, comfy on bare feet, beautiful, drought tolerant, and portion of all Habiturf sales is donated to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center

Developed by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Habiturf simulates the short grasses of the old Texas prairies. Habiturf has all the aesthetic beauty of a traditional lawn with the drought-tolerance and low maintenance of native Texas grasses. This incredible Texas grass mix uses native Texoka Buffalograss, native Blue Grama, and native Curly Mesquite. The multiple Wildflower center selected grass species, the uniformity of the leaves, and the color make for a lush, gorgeous lawn.

Habiturf outperforms Bermudagrass in establishment rates, turf thickness, mowing rates, and weed resistance. The co-developer of this seed mix Douglass King Seeds recommends not to mow this turf. The higher you leave the grass, the more drought tolerant it will be and will require less watering (time and money). However, if you want to mow, you should wait every 3 to 5 weeks (when growing), cutting at a height of 4 inches. This mix requires much less water than uniform lawn grasses, a solid resistance to foot traffic, and little to no herbicide application or fertilization. Now is the time to plant turf grass (before nighttime temperatures drop into the low 60s), and there is no better grass mix for Austin than this!