Rare Houseplants

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The Great Outdoors is the best place in Austin to find rare and unique houseplants. For the latest updates on new plants, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. These rare varieties usually sell within hours of being posted. Follow along so you do not miss any cool new houseplants! Looking for something we do not have? Or something we are out of? Fill out your information in our Rare Houseplants Request Form at the bottom of this page, and we will contact you IF we ever receive the plants you want in our store!

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

This amazing aroid is one of the most sought after houseplants around and this is the first time we’ve been able to get it. Native to Thailand and Malaysia this climbing plant has unique “mini Monstera” leaves although it is not a Monstera at all. [Out of Stock] (Limit one per guest)

Zensi ZZ Plant

We have a very special variety of Zamioculcas zamiifolia. The Zenzi is a work of modern art. The leaves are rounder, glossier, and more compact than normal ZZ plants. The Zenzi is just as easy to care for as any ZZ, but in my opinion, it is much more striking and beautiful. The unique leaves stack on top of each other with a distinct symmetry that make this Uber-modern houseplant perfect for any contemporary or modern decor. Zenzi ZZ Plants make a striking design statement while also efficiently purifying the air indoors. Hard to kill, Easy to love. [In Stock]

Senecio peregrinus

The senecio peregrinus is one of the most unique succulents in the world, like many trailing senecios this plant produces long strings, however, instead of hooks, beads, pearls, or bananas, this plant's leaves are shaped like dolphins. [Out of Stock] (Limit one per guest)

Ceropegia Woodii

One of the most in-demand succulents in the world, the Ceropegia Woodii has taken Instagram by storm. The String of Hearts grows long, flowing pink vines covered in delicate heart shaped leaves. This houseplant sells quickly, so if we have it in stock, it will not be long before we sell out again. [Out of Stock] (Limit one per guest!)

Monstera Deliciosa

The classic "Swiss Cheese Plant." These iconic, large leaved aroids are a staple of any good plant collection. Monsteras are native to the forests and jungles from southern Mexico all the way down to Panama. [In Stock]

Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera adansonii is one of the most sought after houseplants in the world. This particular variety of Swiss Cheese Plant has smaller leaves, and more distinct holes and splitting in it's foliage. We carry this amazing plant in hanging baskets and growing up totems! [In Stock]

Pitcher Plant

These carnivorous Asian pitcher plants are one of the most fun and rewarding plants to own! This variety produces incredible pitchers, and this is one of the hardiest nepenthes hybrids so they are easier to care for than most. The insects of your patio or in your home have a new nightmare in their future! Add a Nepenthes to your collection today! [In Stock]

Ficus Audrey

This Indian banyan fig is the same kind of tree that Buddha sat under for 49 days to reach enlightenment. These indoor wonders are perfect for a meditation space, yoga area, living room or you can bring it to work to add more peace to your office. [In Stock]

Ficus Elastica 'Tineke'

How do you catch a sneaky Ficus elastica? You have TINEKE up on it! Our Ficus elastica 'Tineke' are variegated, with shades and stripes of pink, cream, green! Add this Instagram worthy indoor tree to your collection today! [In Stock]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Compacta

This is a smaller cultivar of Ficus lyrata, it has a upright growth habit and gets its name from how the compact fiddle leaves clump tightly to the trunk of the tree! This is a rare, little fiddle leaf fig tree perfect for collectors who want more fiddles, in less space! Add a 'compacta' to your home or office today, but don’t forget: Fiddle Leaf Figs need bright light indoors! [Out of Stock]

Black Pagoda Lipstick plant

The foliage on these aeschynanthus has a bright lightning pattern on the top and black tiger stripes on the bottom. We have these in small 4” pots and larger hanging baskets! Get your easy to care for, and stunning Lipstick plant today! [In Stock]

Calathea Roseopicta

The "Darth Vader" of Calatheas! This amazing, and rare Calathea has jet black foliage with a vivid pink stripe.These dark plants bring and incredible contrast to brightly colored plants, and white rooms making it the perfect addition to any plant collector's plant family. [Out of Stock]

Calathea Orbifolia

Calathea orbifolia are one of the coolest, and hardest to find varieties of Calathea. These tropicals love to stay humid with consistently moist soil and provide an amazing plant design element to any living space! [Out of Stock]

White Fusion Calathea

We have a very limited quantity of one of the rarest Calathea plants in the world. These super variegated white, green, and purple Calatheas will set your plant collection apart immediately. [Out of Stock]

Chinese Money Plant

The "Chinese money plant" is one of the most popular and interesting plants on the market right now. The perfectly round foliage makes this houseplant instantly recognizable, and it is one of the easiest plants to propagate. Just break off a cutting and stick it into some moist soil and voila! You have new Pilea plants. Add this interesting specimen to your collection today! [In Stock]

Watermelon peperomia

We finally have more Watermelon Peperomia. The adorable little melon patterned leaves shimmer in the light, making this one of the most sought after small houseplants! Don’t miss your chance to get your own hard-to-find peperomia, because we will sell out of these quickly! [In Stock]

Mini Watermelon Peperomia

Ask yourself, what could possibly make the adorable Watermelon peperomia plant even cuter? IF IT WAS MINI! Well, partners guess what. We have the smallest little watermelon leaves in Austin. This is a rare dwarf variety of the famous houseplant so get yours before they are gone! [In Stock]

Rainbow peperomia

Also known as the Rainbow and Tri-color Peperomia. The pink, green, red and ivory foliage of these variegated peperomia clusiifolia make for an extraordinary houseplant. They require very little water and can handle partial shade. Set yourself apart with a new variegated houseplant! [Out of Stock]

Hoya Curtisii

The leaves on this succulent vine look like delicate porcelain shells and the flowers are fragrant and beautiful. Native to the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. Hoyas are an easy to care for houseplants. Only requiring a well-draining soil, and temps warmer than 50°. This is an amazing and unique plant for your home or terrarium! [Out of Stock]

Hoya obovata

This unique Hoya has large round leaves with silver speckles! This particular variety is known to be faster growing and more tolerant of medium light situations relative to most Hoyas! Just make sure not to over water it or leave it too long in direct sun. This plant stores water in its huge leaves, so wait for it to really dry out before giving it a good drink! [Out of Stock]

Hindu Rope Hoya

We have not been able to find Hindu Rope hoyas for over a year, and now we finally have this hard-to-find hoya back in stock! These hoyas are beautiful, sought after, and unique. These succulents are easy to care for and have magnificent waxy blooms. Add these incredible crinkly hoya carnosa to your collection before we run out again! [In Stock]

Philodendron Micans

The velvet bronze iridescence. The heart-shaped leaves. The vigorous growing habit. This is one of the most beautiful vines in the world, but what sets the Micans apart is it's subltety. These philodendrons present and flurry of colors, from pink to bronze and orange to neon green, Micans are rare, easy to care for, and tolerate low light. Get yours before they're gone! [Out of Stock]

Philodendron Bipennifolium

The bipennifolium is a vigorous vine that produces fantastic horse head shaped foliage. Train them up a totem or allow the bats to fly in a hanging basket. This is a very hard to find philodendron, and adding one to your home would immediately elevate the uniqueness of your plant collection [Out of Stock]

Moonlight Philodendron

This large leafed Phil is a must-have for collectors due to it's incredible neon green and chartreuse foliage. Alongside the deep greens of your other Philodendrons, the Moonlight will shine brightly and uniquely. [In Stock]

Silver Satin Scindapsus

Also known as the Silver Pothos, the scindapsus is an easy plant to care for! It can tolerate low light and low humidity, but it prefers bright light and moisture. Looking for a indoor vine that will set your space apart? Add the silky, silver satin flare of the scindapsus to your bookcase or windowsill! [Out of Stock]

Silvery Ann Scindapsus

The 'Silvery Ann' variety of the Scindapsus pictus is known for its smaller leaves and higher levels of variegation. Often half of the leaf is silver, and sometimes the entirety! This is an incredible vine that is easy to care for and purifies the air. Add this high silver variegation to your collection today! You need this vine... [Out of Stock]

Pothos NJoy

These unusual Pothos vines sport a bright white variegation in a striking block pattern. Let these artful vines grow up a totem or spread into bright light! Pothos are so easy to take care of, even for the most neglectful plant parent. Cover your blank spaces with exotic vines, create an urban jungle! [In Stock]

Living Stones are somes of the most interesting and unusual plants in the world! These are true mimic plants, that take the form of strange stones, each with its own unique pattern. Lithops do not like very much water at all. These succulents store so much water in their ‘stones’ that it is easy to over water. However, this is a one-of-kind plant that inspires awe in anyone who lays eyes on them! Get a few and arrange them as a miniature succulent rock garden! [In Stock]

Senecio Rowleyansus

This is the 'real' string-of-pearls senecio. There are many beaded imitators, but we have the genuine artifact. This extraordinary succulent grows long, flowing vines loaded with green rosary beads. These perfectly round leaves are what set this little arid plant apart. Perfect for hanging baskets or cascading pots, This is a must-have succulent! [In Stock]

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