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Winter is Perfect for Planting Fruit!

Here are some recommended varieties:

'Ouachita' Thornless Blackberry - Great choice for Central Texas. Fruit is large, sweet, flavorful and less tart than other thornless cultivars. No pollinator required. Cold hardy to 13°F. Self supporting, harvest starting around June 10 for 5 weeks.

'Orient' Pear - Quite possibly the easiest fruit tree to grow in Austin. Can grow in clay, sandy, or even caliche limestone soil! It is a cross between an Asian & Kieffer pear.Large, nearly round firm pear. Fire blight resistant. Ripens in August. Zones 5-8. Needs pollinator tree nearby. Any European variety works except Kieffer pear.

'Wonderful' Pomegranate - Best known fruiting pomegranate. Self-fruitful, no pollinator needed. Will produce higher yield in full sun.

Fuyu Persimmon - The most widely grown persimmon tree. Bears young and yields large crops.Medium size flat shape is still hard when ripe, non-astringent flavor. Heat-tolerant. Hardy & attractive. practically pest free.Fall harvest. Self-fruitful. Full sun.


Wonderful Pomegranate

orient pear.fw.png

Orient Pear


Fuyu Persimmon