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Texas Legend

Think 1015Y Texas Super Sweet ONLY BETTER!

Yellow globe, sweet,

open pollinated

Size Potential: Up to 6"

Storage Potential: 3 months

Days to Harvest: 105

Specifically bred for more health benefits than its parent variety, the original 1015Y Texas Super Sweet, the Texas Legend is still as mild and sweet! The Texas Legend actually contains 25 active compounds that inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, help combat heart disease, and stimulate the immune system. It is also antibacterial and anti-fungal, to help ward off...



When should I plant?

The ideal time for transplants is January to Mid-February.

How do I plant them?

Select a site with full sun and well-drained soil. Only plant 3/4 - 1" deep and no deeper. Space transplants 3 - 5 inches apart.

How many plants are in a bunch or bundle?

Each contains approximately 50-75 plants. Yes, they are supposed to look a little dried out.


Atlantic Pumpkins.JPG

Pumpkin carving is an annual tradition for many Austinites, but with our late fall heat and humidity, it can be difficult to keep your carved pumpkins from molding and collapsing. Obviously you can avoid rotting pumpkins by opting to paint it or arrange it in some no-carve design, but if you want a classic flickering jack-o-lantern on the front steps, here is your guide!

Your pumpkin begins to oxidize and decompose as soon as you make the first cut, so time is of the essence. Make sure you have everything ready before you begin hacking away at your pumpkins.

You will...


Have you ever used Habiturf Native Lawn Mix? Its soft, comfy on bare feet, beautiful, drought tolerant, and portion of all Habiturf sales is donated to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center

Developed by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Habiturf simulates the short grasses of the old Texas prairies. Habiturf has all the aesthetic beauty of a traditional lawn with the drought-tolerance and low maintenance of native Texas grasses. This incredible Texas grass mix uses native Texoka Buffalograss, native Blue Grama, and native Curly Mesquite. The multiple Wildflower center...


A Guide to Creating Your Own Vibrant Succulent Planter

The heat is on! We are well into our Texas summer, with the temperature index sitting above a 100 for the past few weeks now. When it's that hot outside there's one family of plant that's thriving, and that is succulents. So with that in mind we thought to create a short guide that will inspire you to come on by, pick out some plants, some soil, a planter or two and get to work making your own desert oasis!

As with all things Great Outdoors we want to empower you with knowledge that will help you enjoy your...


What’s all the fuss about Ladybugs?

There are many types of ladybugs in North American. Most are indigenous and very beneficial in helping to control unwanted plant pests like aphids and whitefly.

The ones we sell in the springtime are Hippodamia convergens NOT Harmonia axyridis, that you may be hearing about on the news.

Our ladybugs come from an actual insectary (Insect Rearing Farm) not from brokers so you can rest assured that you are getting a truly native ladybug.

So what’s the difference?

Hippodamia convergens, commonly known as the...


The days are getting shorter, nights are cooling off, and it looks to be a good year for fall color in the Austin forest. The daily torture of Mopac traffic is made slightly less obnoxious by the polychromatic vistas overlooking the Barton Creek Greenbelt and Ladybird Lake, as rich hues paint the landscape and call us into the forest. Golden cedar elms and ashes highlight the creeks and tributaries, copper tones of towering baldcypress trees punctuate the lakeshores, and red-orange sumacs populate the hillsides and medians. For most people, the vision of a red or golden tree rising out...

ouachita blackberry.jpg

Here are some recommended varieties:

'Ouachita' Thornless Blackberry - Great choice for Central Texas. Fruit is large, sweet, flavorful and less tart than other thornless cultivars. No pollinator required. Cold hardy to 13°F. Self supporting, harvest starting around June 10 for 5 weeks.

'Orient' Pear - Quite possibly the easiest fruit tree to grow in Austin. Can grow in clay, sandy, or even caliche limestone soil! It is a cross between an Asian & Kieffer pear.Large, nearly round firm pear. Fire blight resistant. Ripens in August. Zones...

christmas name tag treeSm.png

Our Christmas trees will be arriving the day before Thanksgiving. Get a jump on your holiday decorating and enjoy your tree for a whole month!

This year there is a shortage of trees across the country. The farm we had been using for many years in North Carolina was completely out of 6-7' and 7-8' trees, and apparently the same is true across the state. So after a lot of searching, we finally found some trees for this year from Washington State. This year we will have 3 types, Noble Fir, Douglas Fir, and Nordmann Fir. They should be as beautiful as they have always...

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Fall is finally here and we can look forward to cooler temps and hopefully a little more rain. It's a great time to plant, but it makes sense to first make a plan...